Employee Spotlight – Sherrie Spracklen

Employee Spotlight Sherrie Spracklen

Employee Spotlight

Sherrie Spracklen

Insurance Services Manager
With AGCU 10 years

Committed Advocate

AGCU InsuranceSherrie is a beacon of warmth and determination. Her laughter and love for family game nights reveal a playful yet competitive side, while her commitment to policyholders reflects a genuine dedication to service. Beyond her professional role, Sherrie’s compassion extends to volunteering at church and supporting meaningful causes. Sherrie embodies a well-rounded and caring spirit, making her a cherished member of the AGCU family.

Sherrie’s dedication to helping policyholders, coupled with a keen understanding of navigating the insurance process, emphasizes her commitment to service and advocacy. In both her professional and personal endeavors, Sherrie genuinely cares for those around her.

What Does 
Banking With A Purpose Mean to You?

Supporting causes, people, and missions that are near and dear to my heart.

What chore do you absolutely hate?

I won’t go in the crawl space under my house, or really anywhere that might have bats or snakes.

What is your favorite hobby?

I’m really competitive, and I love playing board and card games with my family.

How do you define success?

 By the number of people I’ve helped and the lives that I’ve touched

What is one thing that you wish people knew about your job

 Sometimes, the cheapest coverage isn’t the best option, and it’s always better to have an agent in your corner

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