Employee Spotlight – Kim Purcell

Employee Spotlight - Kim Purcell

Employee Spotlight

Kim Purcell

Member Experience Team Lead

With AGCU 7 Years

The Queen

Married for 45 years, mother and grandmother of seven, Kim’s family calls her Queen!
She loves crafting, hanging out by the pool, and cheering at her grandchildren’s basketball games!

Kim was born in Oklahoma but grew up in Springfield. She is excited to learn more about her Eastern Shawnee Nation roots and talks about the tribe’s history and language.

Kim joined AGCU as the Independence Branch Team Lead, and like any proud mother, is more comfortable sharing stories about the accomplishments and teamwork growing within her departments than talking about her own success building towards those strong relationships.

What Does Banking With A Purpose Mean to You?

Building relationships with members.
Helping, teaching and sharing knowledge and experience.

What chore do you absolutely hate?

Folding laundry! Most tasks are relaxing and therapeutic, but laundry never stops!

What is the first concert you ever attended?

It was a festival with five or six bands, but I saw Peter Frampton and Styx.

Define Success

Success isn’t necessarily monetary.
It’s being happy where you are!

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