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Free Loyalty Plus Checking

Free LoyaltyPlus Checking gives you the best of both worlds: free checking plus interest rates that meet or exceed many popular savings options.

Just like a traditional checking account, Free LoyaltyPlus comes with checks, debit and electronic bill pay options. Remote check deposit is also available.

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Benefits of Free LoyaltyPlus Checking

Loyalty Plus Checking offers annual percentage yields as high as 2.5%.

Other benefits include:

  • Earn 2.50% APY on LoyaltyPlus Checking balances of $10,000 or under.
  • Additional balances after the first $10,000 earn 0.05% APY.
  • No monthly fees.
  • AGCU will refund ATM fees up to $15 per month.
  • Get a free VISA Debit Card.

Mobile Wallet

Not enough cash in your wallet? Left your debit card at home? No problem!

Just add your AGCU debit card to your mobile wallet, and you can pay even when you don’t have your card with you.

Available on smart devices, Mobile Wallet offers many benefits:

  • Security: Your private card information stays encrypted.
  • Convenience: Use your phone rather than juggling multiple cards.
  • Contactless payment: Pay for things by tapping or swiping at checkout. No more fumbling with your card!

Mobile Wallet is available through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Free VISA Debit Card

Get the convenience of a checkbook and an ATM card all in one!

As an AGCU member, your VISA Debit Card lets you withdraw funds without writing a check. You also get all of the functionality of an ATM card.

You can use your VISA Debit Card wherever VISA cards are accepted.

  • VISA Debit Cards are available to AGCU members over age 18 with accounts in good standing.
  • Minors ages 16 and 17 can get a VISA Debit Card with a qualifying adult on the account as a joint owner.

How to Qualify

It’s easy to qualify for Free LoyaltyPlus Checking:

  • Make at least 12 AGCU debit card purchases during the month
  • Make at least one automatic deposit per month
  • Enroll in e-statements

AGCU provides convenient tracking tools to manage your accounts and watch your progress.

In months when you don’t meet the minimum qualifications for the maximum APY, your money will still earn 0.01% APY.

Switch to Free LoyaltyPlus

It’s easy to switch to Free LoyaltyPlus Checking.

Simply visit an AGCU branch, call us at 866-508-2428 or contact us online today!

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