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Lines of Credit for Business & Ministry

Does your church, business, or nonprofit organization need easy access to credit for an upcoming expense? Want to guard against overdrafts on your checking account?

Ask about a line of credit with AGCU.

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Accessible at Any Time

We offer unsecured lines of credit with fixed rates. Money from your Line of Credit can quickly and easily be accessed anytime by transferring it online from your Line of Credit to your checking or savings account. Or just give us a call and we can make the transfer for you.

Avoid Overdrafts

You can also use the Line of Credit to guard against overdrafts on your ministry or business checking account. If there are insufficient funds in your banking account to cover a withdrawal (i.e. check, debit card purchase, automatic payment), the funds can automatically be pulled from your Line of Credit to cover it. It’s a great way to avoid the extra expense and embarrassment of an overdraft.

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Call 866-508-2428 or contact us online for more information, and we’ll reach out to you about opening a line of credit for your church, business, or ministry at AGCU.