Loyalty CD

AGCU Loyalty CD

Your Rates Deserve A Raise!

Your Rates Deserve a raise! Loyalty CD Rates based on length of membership

AGCU’s Loyalty CD offers members a great opportunity to earn high-interest rates! As a member, the longer you have been with AGCU, the higher your interest rate will be.

Member Length

Minimum Deposit




0-9 Years $2,500.00 12 Months 4.95% 5.06%
10-19 Years $2,500.00 12 Months 5.10% 5.22%
20+ Years $2,500.00 12 Months 5.35% 5.48%


Open an AGCU Certificate of Deposit and lock in a fixed interest rate so you can enjoy the peace of mind of a guaranteed interest rate on the money you save.

Hurry! Offer available for a limited time!

By choosing the Loyalty CD, you not only secure competitive rates but also benefit from the stability and reliability of AGCU. We’re committed to your financial well-being, and this exclusive offering is one of the ways we express our appreciation.

Your Rates Deserve a Raise! Invest in AGCU’s Loyalty CD and watch your CD earnings grow. At AGCU, we value your loyalty and strive to provide you with the best financial solutions. Start maximizing your money’s potential with our Loyalty CD today.


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APR=Annual Percentage Rate. APY=Annual Percentage Yield-  effective date 5/1/23 and subject to change without notice. Minimum balance of $2,500 required. Penalty for early withdrawal will apply.