Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

AGCU Summer Skip A Pay

Summer Skip-a-Pay

Need some extra cash this summer? You may be eligible to skip your consumer loan payment!*

Simply download and fill out the “Skip-a-Pay” form. Then send it to one of the following:

Fax: 417.831.4420
Mail: AGCU (Attn: Skip-a-Pay), PO Box 2328, Springfield, MO 65801

Click here to download the form.

Summer Skip A PayLoans financed elsewhere? You may be able to lower your rate and payment by refinancing with us, and you can delay your first payment up to 30 days.

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*CONSUMER CREDIT CARDS, REAL ESTATE LOANS, HELOC LOANS, BUSINESS LOANS, AND BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS OFFER. Skip-a-Pay fee is $25 or 10% of the loan payment amount, whichever is greater. Maximum of two (2) payments may be skipped per loan, per calendar year. Maximum of four (4) payments may be skipped over the life of the loan. Interest will continue to accumulate on the loan during the month the payment is skipped. All loans must be current to qualify and must have been opened at least 60 days prior to the month of loan payment skipped. If the processing fee is not paid, this offer is void.

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