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5 Reasons To Switch To LoyaltyPlus High Yield Checking

What Is A High-Yield Checking Account?

Checking accounts haven’t been famous for great interest rates, but that’s not why they were created: They are designed to provide unrestricted access to your money and tools that make it easy to manage day-to-day financial needs. High-yield savings accounts, on the other hand, are basically the opposite: They pay a decent interest rate, but account restrictions make it clunky for everyday money management.

A LoyaltyPlus checking account combines the convenience and functionality of a regular checking account with the interest rates that meet or exceed popular savings options such as a savings account, money market account, or certificate of deposit (CD)

Like a traditional checking account, LoyaltyPlus comes with a debit, check-writing and electronic bill payments, and remote check deposit. (These are some of the things that make a LoyaltyPlus high-yield checking account different from a high-yield savings account.)

The biggest difference between LoyaltyPlus checking account and your regular Free Checking account is how much interest AGCU pays on your balance.

Benefits of a LoyaltyPlus Checking Account

1.     LoyaltyPlus Grows Your Money

One of the primary reasons to switch to a LoyaltyPlus Checking Account is because it grows your money. As long as you maintain a balance in your checking account, it will reap the benefits of the high annual percentage rate.

The LoyaltyPlus Checking account offers APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) as high as 2.50%, far exceeding the national average.

Earn 2.50% APY on your average LoyaltyPlus Checking balances $10,000 and under*, and Additional balances after the first $10,000 earn 0.05% APY*!

2.     No Monthly Fees

LoyaltyPlus Checking accounts have no monthly fees. So you get to keep your money while it’s earning more for you. That’s extra money that you don’t have to work for. Invest it, save it, spend it. The choice is yours. Talk about a win-win!

3.      Nationwide ATM Fee Refunds

With a LoyaltyPlus Checking account, AGCU will refund ATM fees up to $15 each month. This convenience pairs well with the nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs over 5,000 participating credit union Shared Branches nationwide.

4.      LoyaltyPlus Protects Your Money

Your LoyaltyPlus Checking accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000 per account per user. With this protection, you can rest assured that your money and the interest it’s been earning is safe

5.     They Allow You To Easily Access Your Money

Unlike a high-yield savings account, money market account, Certificate of Deposit (CD), or other savings option that offers an attractive interest rate, you can have access to your money as you want with no limitations. Free Online and Mobile Banking and easily deposit checks from your mobile device all while benefiting from the high APY!

6.    Free Visa® Debit Card

You can request a free Visa® debit card featuring AGCU’s brand-new Logo – Even if you already have an existing card

How to Qualify

Qualifying for an AGCU LoyaltyPlus Checking account is as easy as doing what you already do!

  • Make at least 12 AGCU debit card purchases during the month.
  • At least one automatic deposit every month
  • Enroll in e-Statements

Every month that you meet these qualifications, you’ll receive 2.50% APY* on your average daily LoyaltyPlus Checking balances $10,000 and under*, and additional balances after the first $10,000 earn 0.05% APY*!
Use our convenient tracking tools to manage your accounts and watch your progress – And don’t worry, any month that you don’t meet the qualifications to earn the maximum annual percentage yield, your money will still earn .01% APY*

Switching to LoyaltyPlus Checking Account

It’s easy to switch your existing AGCU free checking account to LoyaltyPlus Checking and start earning high interest! Visit any AGCU Branch, or contact one of our representatives today! Call (417) 831-4398 or fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you!

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