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Banking With A Purpose

That purpose isn’t only about doing the right things for our members and our community, it’s about connecting your values and faith with your finances

What Is Banking With a Purpose?

Much more than a catchphrase, our tagline is our passion, our reason why we do what we do. This is the impact of your membership with AGCU.

The more you use AGCU for your day-to-day banking needs, the more you help support worthy causes – both locally and worldwide. We donate 10% of our annual earnings to support churches and ministries, educational scholarships and programs, and humanitarian efforts. Every day, we provide financial services to people across the United States and missionaries in 190 countries around the world.

Banking with a Purpose- AGCU Stories, Articles, and News
Stay up to date with news, events, tips, helpful information, financial advice, and stories about how your membership is affecting the lives of our community and the world around us! We hope you find the articles below not only helpful but interesting!


AGCU banking with a purpose statistics


In 2021, together, we donated a total of $292,832.00

    • $88,500 to educational scholarships and programs
    • $104,978 to humanitarian efforts
    • $94,550 to churches and ministries
    • $4,804 to other community needs

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Banking With A Purpose

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