Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Annual Meeting & Banquet

This year’s Annual Meeting & Banquet will be held on Tuesday, April 9, at 6:00 pm. The evening will begin with dinner, followed by the annual business meeting.

$10 each

Tickets will go on sale at all Springfield branch locations on Friday, March 8. (Deadline to purchase tickets is Friday, April 5.)

John A. & Genny Morris Conservation Center
600 W. Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65807

Located adjacent to Bass Pro Shops and the Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium. Parking for the event is off of Sunshine in front of the conservation center.

Free Childcare (ages 0-12)
*To reserve childcare, please call Member Care at (417)831-4398. (RSVP by Thursday, March 28.)

AGCU is providing free childcare for this event (ages 0-12). Dinner will also be provided for the kids. All of the activities designed for the kids will be age appropriate and designed to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the evening. Childcare workers will consist of staff and volunteers provided by the Wonders of Wildlife (WOW) Museum as well as the Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility (WOLF) School. This school is a partnership with the Springfield Public School System. All of the childcare workers will have passed a background check or will be volunteers in the teen program which is part of the WOLF school.

AGCU Definition of Voting Eligibility

As a reminder, there are three ways to be a voting member – each is allowed ONE vote:
1.  Individual Account: This type of account has one owner who IS the primary account holder and IS a voting member.  They are allowed one vote.
2.  Joint Account: This type of account has multiple owners; the primary owner plus one or more joint owners.  The primary owner will be the first name appearing on the account statement. The primary owner IS a voting member.  The other owners are NOT voting members.  This type of account is only allowed one vote.
3.  Non-Individual Account: This is a business or organization account.  The entity IS a voting member and allowed only one vote.

Missouri Revised Statute states ….. no person so designated as joint tenant shall be permitted to vote, obtain loans, or hold office unless such person is within the field of membership and is a qualified member.