Sunday, November 15th, 2020

15 Ways to Celebrate the Senior Ministers and Evangelists in Your Church

November 21 is Aged Ministers Assistance Day!
Today we recognize the work and appreciate the Sacrifices or retired ministers!

15 ways to celebrate AMA

AMA was started by a group that saw the need for financial assistance for retired ministers who didn’t have enough money to cover living expenses. It was started in 1933 with donations placed in an interest-bearing fund that grew exponentially over the years. Now, as the demand has increased, funds need to be added continually to meet the needs of the growing number of retired ministers.

1. Recognize all ministers and evangelists over the age of 65 in your service.


2. Give the senior minister flowers or a gift and recognize them by name with years served and places served.


3. For evangelists note the number of states and/or countries they have traveled to throughout their ministries in your recognition of years served and places served.


4. Give them a card from the church, signed by the church leadership.


5. Include a “thank you” in the church program, listing their names.


6. Invite a senior minister to speak in the service.


7. Invite a senior minister to give his/her testimony.


8. Ask someone who was influenced by a senior minister from the church to share a testimony about that ministry.


9. Make a PowerPoint® presentation of pictures of churches or countries where the senior minister served.


10. Sing their favorite hymns in the worship service.


11. Invite them to a special luncheon on Aged Ministers Appreciation Sunday.


12. Ensure that their spouses are also recognized for their years of support and ministry.


13. Invite the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the senior minister to help you celebrate Aged Ministers Appreciation Day.


14. Make a contribution to AMA in honor or memory of your favorite senior minister or evangelist, or all senior ministers and evangelists.


15. Encourage any senior minister in your congregation who needs help with emergency or monthly expenses (food or housing) to contact AMA if he/she is not already receiving assistance from AMA

Learn more about Aged Ministers Assistance

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