Electronic Payments and Transfers

Wire Transfers

AGCU provides incoming wire transfers without surcharge.  Members receiving funds by wire transfer should use the following instructions to ensure proper and undelayed credit to their credit union account.  Receiving members should provide all information to the wire sender or wiring institution.

These instructions are also available in printable format also; download wire instructions.

Wire from Domestic Bank:
Beneficiary Bank Info:
Assemblies of God CU
Formerly Known As General Council Credit Union
Springfield, Missouri

Beneficiary Info:
Receiving Member’s Name
Receiving Member’s Account Number
Receiving Member’s Address

Please provide any necessary notes or comments in the wire comments section.

Wire from International Bank:
Beneficiary Bank Info:
Commerce Bank
911 Main
Kansas City, MO, USA
ABA: 101 000 019 (Must Include)

Beneficiary Info:
1535 N Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65803
ACCT: 90107913

Receiving Member’s Name
Receiving Member’s Account Number
Receiving Member’s Address

Outgoing Wire Instructions

AGCU provides the service to send outgoing wire transfers, with a small charge. Members wishing to send funds by wire transfer can do so by completing the Wire Worksheet.
Please call us or e-mail wires@agcu.org to request a Wire Worksheet.  Or download the Wire Worksheet here.


What is ACH and how do I use it?

“ACH” stands for Automated Clearing House.  It is a method of dispersing funds via electronic means instead of writing paper checks for example online or telephone payments.  There is no uncertainty with delays caused by utilizing the mail or misplacing checks at the recipient’s place of business, and the risk of theft is greatly reduced.   ACH service can save you time and effort, making your financial life considerably easier.  It’s important, then, to understand the simple steps and pointers that can help you take advantage of ACH.

Setting up an ACH Transfer with AGCU

Assemblies of God Credit Union introduces ACH Origination, a fast way to get your money moved from one financial institution to another on a recurring basis. ACH Origination gives you a convenient option to move your money – whether you want to set aside the same amount to save or you want an easy way to make your loan payment at one institution from an account you have at another institution.

In order to setup a recurring ACH Transfer, please complete the ACH Transfer Agreement at least 10 days before you would like the first transfer to take place.  Then email the signed form to ach@agcu.org or fax to 417-831-5454.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual transfers.  Please note that when your recurring payment or transfer date falls on a weekend or non-business day, your payment or transfer will occur on the next business day after your requested transfer date.

REMEMBER… ACH Origination is only to transfer between your accounts at financial institutions.

Other Helpful ACH Tips

In order to set up ACH transfers to your AGCU account, you must provide the ACH routing number, which is printed on your checks for reference.

Use this number to set up:

  • Direct deposit of your payroll, Social Security, or even tax refunds
  • Direct payment of consumer bills such as credit cards, utility bills and insurance premiums
  • E-commerce payments
  • Federal, state and local tax payments

You may also use our free billpay service to pay bills, loans, and even other people.  Please see the billpay page for more information.